I pray for empathy and courage to use this soapbox, to speak out when injustice is being rendered to those unable to defend themselves. Finally to be able to talk about my slow journey as I hope to grow into a mature believer (or Christian). For these reasons,

My interests are varied…

As a Kenyan, I am interested in social-economical advancement, not just in Kenya but the rest of Africa with justice and human rights for all.

As one who loves to travel, I have come of love South East Asia and like to travel there from time to time.

I grew up loving great music and in the last few years I have become a huge Drum ‘n’ Bass fan.

My background is in technology, more specifically Web Application Development with special interest in Content Management Systems. Now that I have my additional degree in Business with emphasis in Global Business and e-Business, I hope to make a positive difference, especially for Africa and Asia in this global economy of the 21st century.

The African Globalist touches on issues and opportunities presented by the convergence of advancements in technology, increasing ease of connectivity, open markets and global business.

The main areas of interest include Web 2.0, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services, AJAX, Web Application Development, Global Business Strategy, Price Theory and Econometrics with emphasis on the developing world i.e. Africa.

Posts on this blog will mainly fall under the global business category or the web application category (where the focus is mainly around ASP.Net/C#/PHP web application development.

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