Feast of Leftovers: Prime Rib Soup!


Prime Rib Soup

The Feast of Leftovers continues for me – and probably for many of my readers. I mentioned yesterday I had a lovely Prime Rib dinner for Christmas Eve. (Prime Rib cooking instructions are here). Yesterday the nicer cuts of leftover prime rib were consumed as part of the Feast of Stephen (December 26)

Now I have 4 nice large bones from the Prime Rib – and the less choice scraps of meat (too much fat, gristle, overcooked – my aren’t we fussy North Americans!). So the solution is soup! (I have a Sour Cream Biscuit recipe here if you want something to go with the soup. Easy to make while the stock is simmering!)


To create a Prime Rib soup you  make things up!  Soup from leftovers is improvisational cooking and experimentation. For Prime Rib soup trim off the excess fat – but still…

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