Comcast Is Turning The US Into Its Own Private Hotspot



On paper it looks like a win-win: in the next few days, Comcast is quietly turning on public hotspots in its customers’ routers, essentially turning private homes into public hotspots. Comcast customers get free Wi-Fi wherever there is a Comcast box and the company gets to build out a private network to compete with telecoms. Win-win.

Fifty thousand users with Arris Touchstone Telephony Wireless Gateway Modems – essentially basic modems that cable providers drop off at your home – have already been turned into public hotspots in Houston, and there are plans to enable 150,000 more. Most subscribers will be enabled in the next few months. It’s not like they didn’t warn you. After all, news of this bold Xfinity Wifi project popped up months ago and began rolling out in 2013.

But here’s the problem: Comcast is essentially using your private residence as a corporate resource. They’re using…

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