Yeah… we have a blue one and a red one!


One of my top three movie quotes comes from Ben Stiller’s movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty where Ben’s character goes to a car rental company and asks if any cars are available. The guy in the booth was totally awesome and kind of reminds me of Robin Williams. The looks around and replies, “Yeah… we have a blue one and a red one”. The delivery of that line (or should I say punchline) was just to perfect. Every time I check out the trailer, that joke kills me.

Another thing I love about the trailer is the longboarding scene where he is cruising down some long stretch of road. Besides the fact that I love longboarding and I think he looks great, I was also wondering what deck and wheels he had on his board.

The third thing I love  about this trailer is that it introduced me to the group Of Monsters and Men. The trailer plays their song, Dirty Paws… I love that song!

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