Bored of the Internet

In the last five minutes or so, I have just come to the realization of one thing. I am bored stiff of the Internet! Why? I don’t know really… other than the fact that I find that most of the sites that somewhat appealed to me have just become boring, cliché, blah, whatever. I feel like it’s the same old thing every day. Go to the same sites, read the same type of articles, articles that have becoming less and less intellectually stimulating.

I think it’s about time I went back and started doing more of some of the things I enjoyed doing in the past. Four things I really enjoyed doing a while back and I haven’t really been doing are:

  • Reading, especially for fun,
  • Writing code, be it web development or software development,
  • Taking more pictures with my camera and not my phone,
  • Writing about stuff, anything, maybe short stories, doesn’t matter.

All this I think means I need to get back to learning more and being creative… starting today, starting now…

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