Oh Justice! Where art thou?

It seems to me that just about every other day when I read the news, the world in general is getting more immoral  people are getting more callous and the number good folk who stand up for the defenseless and oppressed seems to be diminishing  Even those who consider themselves good, loving, caring, don’t  want to get involved and therefore will simply look the other way.

I sometimes get discouraged and just want to shout from the rooftop, oh justice, where art thou!

We need more room in the building!!

I haven’t done this in a while but I want to get back to posting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, my favorite new (and old) tracks. Stuff that I think is new, fresh, might be old but at least awesome and worth spending your hard-earned dollars on. So without much ado, this week I present two really amazing tracks. these are:

  • Skanks by DECiBEL featuring Flowdan  (ENiGMA Dubz Mix): This trak is simply amazing, It’s a mashup of dubstep, dancehall and bass! The line the keeps getting repeated on this track is “we need more room in the building”. I don;t
  • Zim Zimma by Joker: A truly amazing, amazing dubstep track! I don’t know what else to say.

What’s interesting about the Zim Zimma track is you listen to the Zim Vision version, that track should immediately take you back to BBC Radio 1’s 2010 Mista Jam Dubstep Soundclash show where he pitted dubstep crews representing Manchester, Bristol, London and The Midlands. These included folks like Doctor P, Plastician and Flux Pavilion among others. I remember hearing Joker tracks back then that have elements of Zim Zimma, both in the original version and more so in the Zim Vision version.

I can only say that I will be looking to buy these tracks when they are officially released. In the meantime you can fine samples of these tracks on Sound Cloud and on YouTube.

Yesterday I went swimming

Swimming Pool

Yesterday I went swimming. Its been over a couple of years since I last swam… and I can’t really remember clearly when I actually swam on a regular basis. I was originally going to swim for about 20 minutes then leave but instead I swam for an hour and a half… taking breaks of course.

I have to say that afterwards I felt really good. I was rather dehydrated but I really felt energized. I have decided I am going to get back into a regular swim routine like in younger days back in my hometown when my lap swimming was something I did on a twice weekly basis with a couple of buddies of mine.

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