I don’t know…

I don’t know but it just seems that life moves exponentially. The older I get, the faster the days seem to fly past. What’s even more interesting is that I still have vivid memories of my childhood, even to the age of about 4 or so years old. I still clearly remember where I lived my mom and dad, some of my neighbors, Mark who was like my best friend, and this girl I had a crush on. I remember going to Marks place and having marmite on toast, then telling my mom about it and she getting upset that I was eating at the neighbors. I remember making a ‘cigarette’ out of newspaper, lighting it a jiko an pretending to smoke it…. and I have dozens of such memories.

I think the interesting aspect of this is that here I am in my 40s and in the latter half my life. Eventually I will pass on, if the rapture does not happen before, and that will be it for me in this life. I kind of smile now when I think back to my pre-teen years when I would spend my Saturday afternoons bored, hanging out and wondering why like moved really, really slow. Now I sit back and wonder where the weekend went because life just seems to be moving so fast… I don’t know…

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