May I never complain about my circumstances

I am always shocked and deeply saddened whenever I read in the news, stories of child abuse, especially when the abuse comes from members of the family. Another source that seems to be all too common are the boyfriend/husband of the child’s mother.

In the last couple of days I read two particularly heinous stories, one where a toddler mother’s boyfriend deliberately broke all of the child’s limbs and another where the father and his wife tortured a 5-year-old child to death. Truly, Satan in alive and well in this world! There is almost no other way to explain such acts of evil and cruelty.

When I read all these kinds of stories I wonder how many kids, including toddlers and infants are suffering now at the hands of evil people such as these. It makes me realize that often when I complain about stuff, most of what I complain about is trivial… absolutely trivial compared to the suffering these innocent ones are enduring. May the Lord forgive me for being too selfish!

I feel too that there must be something that I can do to help and make a difference. I don’t know what exactly, but I do know that I need to get on my knees and ask the Lord to give me guidance in what I should do…

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