Just got Hacked!

Yep, it happened. Someone hacked into a couple of my self-hosted WordPress sites I’ve been running for a while now. For me, it was a little irritating to discover that I had been hacked. Yes, I wasn’t really upset, just rather irritated. The reason I wasn’t too mad was because one of the two sites, I was no longer updating the content and so it really came as no big surprise that it happened. As a matter of fact I had migrated all the content and I had been contemplating for a while about calling up the hosting site to shut down the site. This episode actually made me get off my butt and actually start the shutting down of the site… which I just did.

The second site is one that I had updated a little here and there but there really wasn’t much content. Other than the domain name, I really don’t need to have that site running. As a matter of fact, I am also seriously considering shutting down the site and potentially using the domain name for this site instead. In fact as soon as I am done posting this, I will go and start the shut down of that second site.

I will have one more site running. At the moment I have a static web page on the site and I still haven’t decided what I will do with the site. I don’t have WordPress running on the site so I am not too worried about someone hacking into that site… but this whole episode just means I have to be more careful and aware with my any and all public facing sites…

Jesus is the way

When one looks around and sees what is going on, you can only come to one conclusion…. Jesus is our only hope for true peace and salvation. This I am completely convinced!

May I never complain about my circumstances

I am always shocked and deeply saddened whenever I read in the news, stories of child abuse, especially when the abuse comes from members of the family. Another source that seems to be all too common are the boyfriend/husband of the child’s mother.

In the last couple of days I read two particularly heinous stories, one where a toddler mother’s boyfriend deliberately broke all of the child’s limbs and another where the father and his wife tortured a 5-year-old child to death. Truly, Satan in alive and well in this world! There is almost no other way to explain such acts of evil and cruelty.

When I read all these kinds of stories I wonder how many kids, including toddlers and infants are suffering now at the hands of evil people such as these. It makes me realize that often when I complain about stuff, most of what I complain about is trivial… absolutely trivial compared to the suffering these innocent ones are enduring. May the Lord forgive me for being too selfish!

I feel too that there must be something that I can do to help and make a difference. I don’t know what exactly, but I do know that I need to get on my knees and ask the Lord to give me guidance in what I should do…


I am really tired. I would love to go to sleep, but there is too much to do… There is work to be done, bills to be paid, careers to climb, people to impress, bank accounts to fill, stuff to buy, bigger houses to build, wealth to acquire, happiness to pursue, places to visit, ambition to aspire for… and in the midst of all this, holiness, joy true peace to ignore…

Oh so much to do… no wonder I am so tired….

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