I guess we all have regrets regarding how we lived our lives. Yes, there are those who say they never have regrets and everything they did is exactly what they wanted. In my case, though I may have regrets about some aspects of my life, I also feel that if I had done things differently, I would not necessarily been here at this point and time writing up this quick post. This is kind of like the sci-fi movies where the person goes back in time to change a regrettable incident; however, in doing so the person sets off an unintended consequence that does not necessarily make things better.

All this is to say, that I am who I am today because of the sum of a number of environmental influences, including family, community, culture, country, travels, etc. Though I am not rich by any western standard, though I am not famous, powerful, running a company, doing great and awesome things, I can truly say that the one thing I am that is better than all the above and more is that I returned to the Lord and became a believer. What’s interesting about this is that my biggest regret now is that I didn’t become a believer when I was younger… but then again had that happened, I might not be here today.

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