Its been an interesting week…

It has been an interesting week. I started my new job and already feel a little overwhelmed. There is a lot to learn and get up to speed on. The team I’m on has been there for a while so they know what is going on… I just have to catch up. Overall I have to say it is a good project and best of all is that I feel I am starting to actually utilize my MBA… gotta get my old course books out and start reading up on stuff once again.

Of course this also means that I have to push back on my timeline for some of the studying that I has planned… but that is ok. This week, I will be reading up on quite a bit of microeconomics, finance, some project management and business intelligence stuff. Of course I need to squeeze in some stats too…

Finally, I signed up to a couple of Coursera classes and I am also applying to the BI certificate course at the University of Washington..

Am I taking on too much?

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