Oh how time flies

I was browsing the East African Airways fan page website and found myself having some nostalgic type emotions. The site has some really interesting memorabilia that brought back so many and deep memories of my childhood.

This particular image was especially memorable to me because I clearly remember as a 5 or 6-year-old kid having this exact poster framed and hanging my room….

I really miss EAA!

Its been an interesting week…

It has been an interesting week. I started my new job and already feel a little overwhelmed. There is a lot to learn and get up to speed on. The team I’m on has been there for a while so they know what is going on… I just have to catch up. Overall I have to say it is a good project and best of all is that I feel I am starting to actually utilize my MBA… gotta get my old course books out and start reading up on stuff once again.

Of course this also means that I have to push back on my timeline for some of the studying that I has planned… but that is ok. This week, I will be reading up on quite a bit of microeconomics, finance, some project management and business intelligence stuff. Of course I need to squeeze in some stats too…

Finally, I signed up to a couple of Coursera classes and I am also applying to the BI certificate course at the University of Washington..

Am I taking on too much?

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