African Graphic Novel

Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to write and publish a book. As a huge fan of Star Wars and sci-fi in general, I wanted to write an epic space adventure. As a fan of kid detective/adventure books, I wanted to write a suspense novel that would take the reader into a new world of sleuth and adventure. Back then I loved to read books and comics so much would devour just about anything I got my hands on be it Dick Tracy comics, the Billy Bunter series about the “Fat Owl of the Remove” or whatever… if is was a [decent] book, I read it.

As a result I wanted to write my own stories and publish a book but I never really. Yes I did write a couple of short stories in my notebook but that pad is long-lost. Well over the years my desire to write a book has never really gone away and do I have finally decided now is the time! I have the basic storyline that I want to write. Somewhat in the line of one of my all time favorite authors, Wilbur Smith, my story will be based on an African character who originates from what now the East African region, or more precisely, Western Kenya.

Although I now have a basic idea of what the story will be, over the next few months I will be fleshing out the story details, defining and refining the characters and relationships, and filing in the story plot. I will be However, before I ‘complete’ the story, I will first release a comic version of it. This will allow for a couple of things. First, it will allow me to release the full story and have something to allow the reader to enjoy, but second and just as important, it will give me the flexibility to then go back and fill in the story as I write the book.

Over the next few months I will be posting updates here and on a soon to be created website for my comic.

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