Madison Market Organic Milk Lattes

Of late I am beginning to find that lattes at some of my regular coffee shops do not really sit will with me. I would almost say that I was becoming lactose intolerant if it wasn’t for the fact that there are places that I can still go for my latte and be ok. One of those places is Madison Market up on Capital Hill.

At this point and time, I can only guess that I am getting intolerant towards certain types of milk. There were a couple of times while I was lying in bed totally in pain thinking, “maybe its time to give up milk for good”… but I am not ready to do that yet… so this simply means that I have to start figuring out where I can and where I can’t go for a latte. Since it would seem that I am fine with organic milk, Madison Market will be a place will be going more often now… and I will also start looking into other coffeehouses that do serve organic milk. I also know that I will not be going to Fuel Coffee any more.

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