My Unlimited Dilemma

Unlimited Magazine cover

My two favorite New Zealand magazines are Idealog and Unlimited Magazine. In general I love the way a number of the Kiwi magazines are designed and formatted, but Unlimited and Idealog also have really great content. Unlimited is a business, entrepreneur/startup, strategy magazine while Idealog is similar, it was founded by creative/design/marketing folks so there is an added emphasis on that aspect of business.

Today, as I was looking at my current issue of Unlimited, I realized that it was probably time to renew my subscription. So off I go to check out the international subscriptions details and got a bit of a shock. For domestic (i.e. New Zealand) subscriptions, the cost is $49 NZ for six issues, however, for Australian subscribers, the cost is $110 NZ but for the rest of the world, including the US, it will cost $130 NZ.

$130 NZ, that’s a lot of money! At first I was thinking, what the… no way will I be subscribing for another six issues. However as I started thinking about this I realized that this pricing structure does actually make sense. Since the ads in the magazine are primarily targeted towards Kiwis, Unlimited magazine would leverage their domestic subscribers to sell advertising. This [fact] simply means that Unlimited does not have much leverage with their international subscribers and whereas the advertisers subsidize domestic subscribers, international subscribers have to pay full price for the magazine… hence the high cost of subscription cost for the international subscribers.

With all this in mind, I cannot take the price difference personally as it all makes sense. And so here lies my dilemma… should I renew my subscription now that I would be an international subscriber… considering that I would also then renew my Idealog subscription too?

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