The racist can never truly be happy

I think when one loves and is loved; this truly makes a much more meaningful difference in one’s life. Loving and experiencing love is not something that I can really explain from an intellectual point of view because love is really not something that some scientists would have you believe, some chemical processes. Love and loving is something that you have to actually experience it to better and more fully understand it. To truly love or be loved unconditionally can radically change your life, making life a much more worthwhile. I suppose this is why you find that people (and even animals) who face adversity in life, tend to recover better when they know/feel/believe someone somewhere loves them, then those who despair because they feel that no one cares about their plight or situation.

This brings me to the racist. The fundamental problem that the racist faces is that they tend to be consumed (and even sometimes driven) by their hatred for someone or some group of persons for no other reason than that person(s) race, nationality or ethnicity. Often their hatred is irrational and in many cases is in response in their own failures and inability to own up to their failures. Rather than take responsibility it is easier to blame and hate other groups. So accompanied with their ridiculous outfits, symbolisms, flags, music and whatever else they can muster up to display their ‘pride’, they may go marching up and down, or sometimes meet in their own private enclaves to rail against the demise of their own race and whatever other conspiracy theories they hold on to.

I think the most amazing thing about this is that they essentially go through life filled with hate and even though they would not admit it, they are never truly happy or contented to simply enjoy the life that God gave them. And of course when they die, they come to realise that foolish lives they have lead.

You know, the world in general will argue and differ over many, many things, but one thing that the majority of the world can agree is that Hitler, one of the most despicable, hate filled, evil persons that ever lived, is certainly in hell. So much for wanting to establish the Third Reich!

One thing we know (should) know and not take lightly, Love has already conquered all and if we accept the free gift of salvation can truly be happy.

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