15th Avenue Coffee and Tea is no more

15th Avenue Coffee & Tea Remodeling, originally uploaded by andai.

A little late on this one, but one of the only Starbucks stores that I would visited more often had I still been in Seattle apparently is no more. The 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea coffeehouse which was Starbucks’ stealth coffee shop up on capital hill is re-branding back into a full fledged Starbucks store.

That’s too bad since I sort of liked the concept. I remember in 2009 when the Starbucks closed the coffee shop for a few months and totally re-branded and remodeled the place into 15th Avenue C & T. I also remember talking to the guys at Victrola Coffee, located two blocks down the street about this and their attitude to the new store was ‘bring it on’…

Anyway I will have to find out what the deal was and get back you you all…

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