Dormans… My Bittersweet Café

Dormans Coffee

This post was sent to us Kaboro, a Kenyan who loves great coffee and even greater dining.

First up in the coffee house reviews is Dormans. Why? Dorman’s is my de-facto coffee house. Let’s start with why they win, then will move to why they are losing me… Dormans Junction.

  • Internet – My love affair with Dormans is primarily because they have a good internet connection, not so much the coffee. They have a connection that is upwards of 10mbps… This makes it a perfect place to work from, have calls etc. But to be honest, I just need a place to complete my torrents
  • Coffee – My usual while at Dormans? Their Americano/Espresso/Latte. They generally tend to have very mercurial house coffee, but their espresso based drinks tend to be of good quality. I have only taken Chai Masala (Ginger Tea) once.
  • Cakes – There is only one cake I recommend. The white chocolate cake. Be sure to take this with an Americano (Sugar free) primarily because it’s basically made of sucrose. If you don’t mind a sugar high, this is for you.
  • Service – This goes to Dorman’s Sarit and Junction in particular. They have the best staff. They actually call up the ISP to find out what’s wrong should the connection go down.
  • Coffee Beans – They sell coffee beans in all their outlets which makes shopping for beans an easy affair for me. I love their blue mountain selection.

Now to the not so good on Dorman’s chain

  • Food – Can best be described as terribly wanting. Firstly, the selection is poor. Pricey (comparative to Java). And not always fresh. I only partake of their breakfast selection and their fries (which are quite good, at times).
  • Ambience – Dormans generally have uncomfortable furniture and poor ambience. Looks good from afar, but the tables are too cramped, seats uncomfortable etc. I prefer a rather basic look (re: Java) and better comfort.
  • Locations – This is still in reference to above. They generally are located in corridors and hallways… The only Dormans well done as a proper coffee shop is in the CBD (correct me if I’m wrong). That particular location is a little too congested for my liking… I’ve only once found a seat, and that was at 8.15, a few minutes to closing time.
  • Operating Hours – All Dormans with the exception of the Carnivore branch (again, correct me if I’m wrong) close business at between 8.15 and 8.30. In this day and age, this is way to early… Longer operating hours would go a long way.
  • Lack of Power – Dormans management decided to seal off power plugs… For those of us who go primarily because of the link, this was a gross disappointment. At the end of the day, many techies were forced out. My current laptop battery serves me fairly well (gives me 4-5 hours regularly), so this does not always affect me, but it’s annoying.

What they should do to improve?

  • Get a better menu.
  • Change the staff uniforms (those ones are atrocious, and my dress sense sucks).
  • Re-introduce power, and perhaps turn it off during peak hours.
  • Start a coffee appreciation class.
  • Start selling affordable end-user coffee machines.

Next on the line? Savannah Coffee House

One thought on “Dormans… My Bittersweet Café

Add yours

  1. Thanks for the feedback, I am happy to report.
    1, we have a new menu soon to be launched that will definitely be exciting
    2,we are in line to change our look to make Dorman’s look as good as its coffee.

    Again we thank you for your feedback and hope you will be visiting us and giving more feedback.



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