Milk Crate, Memphis Belle and People’s Coffee

One latte is just not enough!, originally uploaded by andai.

My goal for the next two weeks is to check out four particular coffee shops that come highly recommended to me by an acquaintance.

We just happened to chat a bit about some of the local spots here in Wellington that serve good coffee and there were three specific places she thought did an excellent job. These three are Memphis Belle on Dixon Street, Milk Crate on Ghuznee Street and People’s Coffee in Newtown. She really must like People’s Coffee because according to her, Milk Crate also serves People’s Coffee. I heard online that all of the baristas at Memphis Belle complete at the World Barista Championships… I think this is the one that I really am most excited to check out.

She also mentioned a fourth coffee shop, The Coffee Club on Chews Lane. In fact it is the Coffee Club’s to-go coffee cup that she had on her desk that started this whole conversation. Apparently, the Coffee Club is part of an Australian franchise and normally she would not go to chain (or franchise) coffee shops, but the coffee here is pretty decent and the location is much closer to her office than Memphis Belle, Milk Create or People’s Coffee.

My acquaintance used to be a barista and takes her coffee very seriously… as she said in her own words, she is an absolute coffee snob… and I believe her. My quick research online certainly indicates that at least the first three shops are worth checking out. So that’s my goal, to check out these four places and report back on what I think…

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