Design: Medieval Style Designs on Fuel Coffee Cup

OK. So for a while now I have been ordered a few lattes (or flat whites) from Fuel Espresso and have been vaguely familiar with the design on their cups. Now when I say vaguely familiar, I mean I knew that the cups were brown and a light brownish logo and branding. It is clear that Fuel has chosen a dark brownish colour as their primary brand colour as can been seen, not just on the cups, but also on the interior décor of their espresso stands and also on their overhead signs.

However it was just the other day, when I decided to pop round to one of the Fuel Espresso stands for a cup of ‘fuel’, that I actually took notice of the design on the cups. I was a little surprised and pleased to notice that embedded in the brown background was a really cool medieval (or old English) style design, in the same colour as the logo, only a little lighter. Surprised because I never really paid too much attention to the cups before so I had not noticed it, pleased because after collecting pictures of paper coffee cups, one quickly comes to realise that there are a lot of really lame paper cup designs out there…. Maybe I’ll have to do a post on lame designs.

I am not sure who the company engaged to came up with this design or even how long they have had it, I may have to talk to someone at Fuel but I doubt I will. The good folks at Fuel might not be willing to answer since they are very touchy about folks asking questions or taking pictures of their espresso bars

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