15th Avenue Coffee & Tea aka Starbucks

15th Avenue Coffee & Tea, originally uploaded by andai.

I’m not a big fan of Starbucks simply because I do not think they serve great espresso… however, I liked the direction in which they were going when they opened their ‘back to their roots’, indie inspired coffee shops.

The first to be open, with much publicity and a bit of fanfair I must say was 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea on Capital Hill’s 15th avenue up in Seattle. Shortly after this one, they opened a second, Roy Street Coffee & Tea…. located on Roy Street right at north end of Broadway up on Capital Hill. As you can guess, each store was named after the street on which it is located.

As I had mentioned in a previous post, their coffee was actually pretty decent. I would certainly go back if it were not for the fact that there are plenty of great coffee shops on Capital hill.

And now that its been over a year since they first opened, I was thinking about the 15th Ave and wondering how they were doing. And since I haven’t been in the US since last December, it’s hard to tell but Starbucks Melody, the source for all things Starbucks has a interesting post that includes some of the changes that have happened. Some of these changes include the interior decor and some include the offerings.

Frankly, I am not surprised that they decided to introduce grilled sandwiches and salads. But judging from the pictures on Melody’s post, I’m not too keen on the new interior decor… but I guess if the coffee is decent and folks got tired of the ‘hard’ seats, than why not

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