BBC News – Mothers tempted to abandon babies in Moscow

An increasing number of babies born to Central Asian migrant workers are abandoned in Moscow maternity hospitals. Diloram Ibrahimova, of the BBC’s Central Asia and Caucasus Service, meets some of those struggling to tackle this trend.

Coffee City | Intelligentsia: ‘Putting a coffee bar in Seattle would be like putting a coffee bar in Rome’ | Seattle Times Newspaper

“Sounds like a whale,” hip-hop artist Madlib told Kyle Glanville of Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea after hearing the slurp of the professional coffee cupper. “Don’t be surprised if you hear that on one of my records.”

Glanville, who warned Madlib that the sound could be “jarring,” said he was “certifiably star-struck” during shooting for an Adult Swim video (below) a few months ago at Intelligentsia’s roasting plant in Los Angeles. “I’m a big fan.”

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