Day 1: The Site Review, HTML Tables vs CSS Tables

Redesigning my Andai Consulting website is something I have been wanting to do for a while. The only reason why I haven’t up to this time is simply that I have been working primarily in consulting, working for mid-sized, global consulting company and not needing to do any web development on the side. And for this reason the site has been primarily functioning as a place holder.  However, now I feel that the time  is long overdue, to  update my website.

In light of the current and future growth of the web and web based technologies, the growing importance of internet enabled mobile devices. This has be to a site that can easily serve up properly formed HTML to various kinds of devises even printers.

The first step to the new site will be to change the site from a table based layout to a CSS based layout. The two images above is are screenshots of the homepage. The first screenshot shows what the homepage looks like in a regular browser. The second screenshot shows the how the site content was laid out using tables. I displayed the table and table cell borders in red so that you can see how horrendous the layout is. Keep in mind that a few years ago, this is what the wed developer HAD to do in order to get the exact layout that they wanted. This practice of doing table layouts can be time consuming and  makes the browser work that much harder at rendering the final web page.  It also added to the weight of the code.

Now that we have CSS to do this for us, any site that still uses tables for layout is clearly living in the past.  On the new site, HTML tables will be used in their proper context.  

I will not go into doing layouts using CSS, that I will do in a couple of days. Tomorrow, however, we will look a little into HTML5 and what that will mean for the site

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