Redesigning the Andai Consulting website

I used to use HTML tables to organize the layout of the various sites I have designed. HTML tables used to be a great way to ensure that the layout of the site you are designing looked exactly the way you wanted. In the last couple of years or so, CSS based tables have begun to appear with much more regularity on the web… which is what it should be. CSS is great because it helps one abstract the presentation layer of their websites and leaving the structure and semantics to HTML as it was originally intended. CSS has come a long way, and that, combined JavaScript enables web developers to do some pretty amazing things that traditionally has been done via plug-ins such as Adobe Flash and now Microsoft’s Silverlight. CSS based tables also do make a difference to the speed at which layout ‘tables’ heavy sites load and have the additional advantage that they can more easily target specific device types like web browsers, mobile devices, printers etc. What even more exciting now is the advent of HTML5. This has now opened a new world of possibilities for cross-platform, standards based development. With the latest browsers either supporting or soon to support the features of HTML5, there really will be no need for a majority of the websites to require Flash or Silverlight type plug-ins. In addition to this, although there will be the brushing up of web developers skills, I predict this will mean that the web developer will be kept busy for at least the next couple of years as sites are redesigned, upgraded or rebuilt. This then brings me to one of my sites, In light of the fact that over the past three or so years I have been pretty busy working in the IT consulting world and drinking lots of great espresso, I haven’t really done too much with the Andai Consulting site, I took down the main links, gave it a new look but left the site as a stub since I was not really looking for additional web development work in light of my full-time consulting work. At the end of last year I quit my job and relocated to a new country. I haven’t started a new full time job though I am interviewing. But this also means that I have some time on my hands. Now, as a strong believer in web standards based development, I feel that I need to practice what I preach in terms of my own personal sites and now is a great time to complete this task. The first one I want to work on is Andai Consulting and over the next couple of weeks I intend to blog about my progress and I convert the site to a standards based site. This site will be built in HTML5 with CSS and JavaScript, most likely jQuery. I will also implement a new PHP lightweight Content Management System I have been working on and off. Maybe someone out there will find this process interesting or educational.

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