Grounds for Burnt Offerings Has a New Home

Seattle Espresso Cafe in Auckland
Seattle Espresso cafe in Auckland

I am pleased to announce that the ‘Grounds for Burnt Offerings’ blog is moving to its new home at Finally, a more ‘legitimate’ domain name for this blog!

For the past year or so I have been hosting this blog under and this has worked well enough for the blog in general, and yet, there has been a number of factors directly or indirectly related to this domain and the host which have caused me to take on this crucial next step.

One of these restrictions is that the domain name does not really relate to the overall subject matter and theme of this blog. Coffee culture is not something that immediately comes to mind when one thinks of the

Starting today, GFBO will now be found at, its official home. Please update your bookmarks and pointers to the new site.

And over this coming year a number of exciting things are in the works for the new site so stick around… it will be a bit messy as we continue to transition and upgrade the site, but it will fun!

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