The Diva Espresso on Greenwood

Espresso Diva, originally uploaded by andai.

I know a couple of folks who love going to get their espresso drinks at Diva Espresso.

Now I don’t often go there much simply because none of the Diva Espresso locations are close to my usual haunts. But when I do go, I usually to the one located on Greenwood Avenue in the Greenwood area of Seattle. This is actually the flagship store for the Diva Espresso coffeehouses and has been there for as long as I can remember. And they seem to be doing pretty well as they have been increasing the number of their store locations. At the time of writing this post, there are now five retail locations in the Seattle area. The furthest one up north being located in the Shoreline area on Aurora Avenue.

This is how I think it works, the owners of Diva Espresso are Laurie Cheeley and Mele Olsen. At the same time, Laurie is somehow involve with starting Highlands Coffee Company. I don’t know if she has any ownership in that company but I know that she is the roast master for that company. I think that is cool because Diva Espresso uses Highlands Coffee Company’s beans and I thought the coffee was actually pretty decent.

The actual blend that they use for lattes and other espresso based drinks is the called… the Highlands Blend… of course. I love they way Highlands Coffee company describes this roast as “syrupy, creamy, with substantial body, inviting depth and a sweet finish”. That of course of coffee speak which really does not mean anything to me, but, I do know that I liked the coffee and I guess that is good enough for me …

The interior decor, of the Greenwood location is rather interesting, I love that the furniture is almost antique like and they have some great old style mirrors. I have a feeling that this store somewhat reflects the personality of the owner. Whenever I go there, the baristers are always friendly and seem of know a lot of the folks who step into the store for their daily espresso.

I also really like the fact that this is a woman owned business that is doing pretty well and I would support it more if they had a retail space closer to where I lived…

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