The Victrola on Pike, originally uploaded by andai.

I am excited to announce that Grounds for Burnt Offerings (GRBO) will be going through some transitioning and transformation. Come mid December, you will have a brand spanking new GFBO blog!

Now that I have been running this site for a while, I feel that the time is right to start the next phase of GFBO. The first thing I will be doing is moving this site from the free, WordPress hosted site to a self hosted WordPress site. There are a few reasons for this, but the two main reasons are, first, I will have a lot more flexibility to use much more slicker and complex WP theme. Second but closely related is that the move will allow me to use additional plugins, addons, widgets and scripts that are either not available on the current site or are not allowed.

The bottom line is that the move will give me better control over the look and feel and functionality of the site and also open up the ability to share and consume additional related content with like minded sites….

Finally, I am getting a domain name that better reflects the subject matter and content of this site then the current domain name… There is a long story of how this site’s domain name came to be and someday when I’m not too lazy I will post to details…

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