Local Color, Art, Coffee and More…

Local Color, originally uploaded by andai.

Local Color is another of a myriad of coffee shops located in Pike Place Market. Though I have been there a couple of times, I don’t go there much, if at all, simply because this place is just not my style.

This has nothing to do with the coffee being bad or anything like that. Rather it just the atmosphere and the décor of Local Color is not something that I feel. The other part of it is the fact that a lot of the people who hang out there seem to be the touristy kind and clearly being that Local Color is located in Pike Place Market, one would expect that a large number of the clientele would be tourists and visitors in bad shorts, ugly sandals and Hawaiian shirts. Places with these sorts of customers do not really appeal to me as a place that I personally want to hang out and chill.

Now that being said, I think the biggest reason I don’t go there much is because Local Color serves Caffé Vita coffee beans. Now I know that for some, Caffé Vita is local favorite. But for me I think I have been to one too many coffee shops here in Seattle that serves Caffé Vita and they all seem to serve the same blend i.e. the Del Sol blend and quite frankly I am tired of it. Now if they served something like Caffé D’Arté or Café Umbria or even Fonté or Bartdof & Bronson coffees, I wouldn’t hang out there, but I would certainly go there to get my latte to go. But being that they are a Caffé Vita shop, I am not really compelled to go there at all.

To be fair I have to say that the owner of the place is a really nice and friendly lady and from my own casual observation she seems be doing somewhat decent business. I would certainly say that if you do like Caffé Vita, or even of you don’t really care too much about the coffee roaster but you simply want some decent espresso drinks, that I would say by all means do go checkout the place. Certainly, there are plenty of folks who go there often to get their espresso drinks and a touch of local color.

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