Caffé Fioré, the Organic Coffeehouse

Caffé Fioré Excellence, originally uploaded by andai.

Ahh yes.. Caffé Fioré! This is actually one of my other favorite coffeehouses which in reality I don’t get to visit much. And the reason for this being that they have three main locations, one in Ballard, one in Sunset Hill and the third on Queen Ann, none of which is close to the places I tend to frequent during my coffee craving periods. Now if they had a location in the Capital Hill area which would have been much more awesome.

It also happens that whenever I tend to find myself in the Ballard or Queen Ann neighborhoods (I have no idea where Sunset Hill is), I am not necessarily in the mood for coffee, having satisfied my cravings earlier in the day. As much as I love coffee and I do drink a lot of it, I still have to be in the right mindset to get another cup especially when its in the afternoon or evening.

What makes it even trickier now though is that Top Pot, another of my favorite coffee shops, or more accurately a donuts shop that sells great coffee, recently opened up their third retail space just a block away from the Caffé Fioré location on Queen Ann… So I sit there perplexed… thinking.. arrghh… what do I choose? Do I go for great donuts and coffee at Top Pot? Do I go for great coffee at Caffé Fioré? Someone tell me what I should do!!!

One thing though about Caffé Fioré that I really like is the interior decor. I really love the orange and muted brown colors that seem to give the place great ambient lighting and a relaxing atmosphere. The place on Queen Ann, which is the one that I tend to visit, always has some students studying quietly in there with their cups of coffee, text books, calculators and WI-FI.

I do think their coffee is good. Its been a while since I was there so I can’t really describe it much but I can tell you that if the coffee was bad, I would certainly have remembered and made a mental note, not to visit there again. Unfortunately, other than the fact that they supposedly serve organic coffee, I can’t really tell you much about their coffees, where they get it from, whose their roaster and all that, but when I go back there next, I will be updating this post will all the details.

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