Sarova Latté at the Whitesands Beach Resort

My Sarova Three Layered Latte, originally uploaded by andai.

One thing that I have noticed is that Dormans has really made a push towards becoming the dominant supplier for coffee to many eating establishments around Nairobi and Mombasa. So it was no surprise to find out that Dormans supplies all the coffee needs for the Whitesands Beach hotel. I am guessing that Dormans probably supplies coffee to the whole Sarova group of hotels of which Whitesands Beach resort is one of them.

This being Mombasa and at the beginning of the tourist season, it’s pretty hot and humid… and finding a nice cool shaded place to relax with a cold drink is gold. But for those of you who know me by know me, the heat and humidity here is certainly not going to stop me from trying out one of the lattes here. It turns out I actually ordered two lattes in a row… and an hour later I was very awake and alert!

The first latte was served in a nice espresso glass cup. It looked really beautiful, not from latte art, but because it was in three layers, starting with the white foam on top, the darker espresso/milk in the middle and the lighter milk/espresso at the bottom. It also came with a shot glass on the side of what I initially thought was whiskey or rum but it turns out it was a maple syrup or something like that. I asked for raw sugar instead. The head of foam was huge and solid. When I poured my sugar on it, the sugar sat there, right on top of the foam, until I stirred it and mixed it all in.

It was a nice, rich and creamy latte, which is something I have noticed here with some of the coffee establishments. I just think it’s the difference in milk, whereby the milk is the US is not rich and tends to taste rather bland… which is one reason I think it really had to make good tea or chai in the US… but I digress. Overall I enjoyed the latte only wishing it was a little bit stronger… and so I ordered another.

When I ordered my latte I asked that they add an extra shot of espresso and I also asked that they give me much less foam. The second latte was also pretty nice. It was certainly much stronger than my first latte and tasted a little less creamy than the first one. This I believe was simply because this was a strong double espresso shot.

Gosh… these lattes are certainly going to keep be alert for a little while…

2 thoughts on “Sarova Latté at the Whitesands Beach Resort

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  1. That latte looks wonderful….And I do agree with you about the milkier creamier taste and yes it is definitely due to the milk here. When I am at the coast in December I will retrace your footsteps….

  2. Surely “Sarova Latte” is one to die for.

    Next time you visit ask Silvia or Daniel (The barista’s) to fix you ‘A Citrus Choccochino” You will be amazed how this signature drink complements Kenya coffee with exceptional acidity of an orange and chocolaty in mocha sauce.

    Try it!

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