Dormans & Nairobi Java House Offerings at the Kenyan International Airports

Dormans, originally uploaded by andai.

When traveling in and out of the airports in Nairobi and Mombasa, you quickly realize that Dormans seems to be the default coffee being served at the cafés or snack bars at the domestic terminals at the airport. Actually, from many of the food establishments around the country actually serve Dormans coffee.

Although these cafés, both at the Nairobi and at the Mombasa airport seem to have the same branding and sign-age, there is no indication that Dormans actually own or run them. It is clear however that Dormans supplies all their coffee/espresso offerings and at least one of the folks working behind the counter was wearing the Dormans t-shirts. It was my assumption that he was a Dormans employee… but that is any an assumption on my part.

So there I was, waiting for my flight from Nairobi to Mombasa. I thought I’d get a latte from the little snack place and see how it stacks up to the what you’d get at the regular Dormans retail outlets. It turns out, that the lattes at the airport in Nairobi are actually pretty nice… that is compared to those at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and even some at Sea-Tac airport. And they are actually not too bad when compared to the regular Dormans retail outlets. In other words, I would certainly order another latte the next time I am at the Kenyan airport waiting my flight.

Unfortunately, Dormans does not have its own actual retail space either at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) not Mombasa’s Moi International Airport. However, they do have a location at Wilson airport in Nairobi.

On the other hand, Nairobi Java House, the other Kenyan coffee powerhouse does have a retail space at have an actual retail space at JKIA. They are located in the departure lounge, Unit 1 (international flights) by gate 14. Here you can relax and enjoy your espresso drinks as you are waiting for your departure flight. Other than here, I don’t think you can order Nairobi Java House espresso drinks at any of the other terminals, nor at the other airports i.e. Wilson Airport or Moi International Airport.

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  1. Hi, am looking to buy a high-quality, home espresso machine while passing through Nairobi in the next month (I currently live in Somaliland, but have residence in Zambia).

    Do you have any thoughts as to where I might purchase such a machine while in Nairobi? Thanks for any thoughts or ideas you might have – Glenn

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