Segafredo Zanetti: Espresso Offerings in Schiphol Airport Part I

Segafredo Zanetti, originally uploaded by andai.

OK I am not even going to beat around the bush. I have to say that the first time round, I found that the espresso offerings at Schiphol Airport were rather disappointing.

It all started in Seattle on my flight from Seattle to Nairobi via Amsterdam. I grabbed a quick latte at the Seattle’s Best Coffee just before I boarded the plane… and I will tell you, that was a pretty bad latte I was served. This was about half past noon when I bought that latte and as bad as it was, I drunk it because I had not yet had anything to eat (or drink) that morning. My only consolation, while drinking the latte, was that at Schiphol Amsterdam airport I would surely be able to get a much, much better cup of coffee than the one I was drinking. And certainly better than the coffee they would serve on the plane during the trip. Boy was I wrong!

So I noticed that there were quite a number of coffee stands all over the airport and they were mainly from two coffee companies, Segafredo Zanetti and Douwe Egberts.

I was very hesitant to order the coffee at first because I noticed that the ‘baristas’ at Schiphol to not really pull espresso shots, rather, they simply push buttons to make the latte. Reluctant as I was, I just needed to get over my apprehension and go for it. And so after a bit of thought which consisted of figuring out where I could also get some food, I decided to try the Segafredo brand coffee first.

The only reason I chose this over the other was because I was pretty hungry (don’t get me started on airplane food) and one of the Segafredo stands was at one particular ‘food court’ that had some great looking sandwiches. Actually the chicken sandwich I ordered out to be one of the most amazing chicken sandwiches I have ever eaten… but I digress…

The coffee I had was just not so great. The good thing about it is that the coffee was a pretty strong bold coffee… and really, really hot. And that is just about it. The problem is that the flavor was just not so great… I simply did not enjoy the coffee.

And rather than dump the coffee and go get a coffee from Douwe Egberts instead, I decided that I would wait and try it out on my return trip to Seattle.

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  1. LOL… I was tricked into a Latte at that same Sandwich place. loved the food… terrible latte. And I just had to laugh at the small… it was tiiiiny!

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