Coffee and Tea at Le Panier

Tea at Le Panier, originally uploaded by andai.

Le Panier, the French café, is one of several French eateries one can find at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Though I don’t often go here, one thing is for sure, Le Panier which is actually a French bakery is extremely popular with the visitors to the Pike Place Market. It seems like whenever I pass by, and especially during the weekend mornings, there is consistently a long line within the shop, with people placing their orders and looking for seating.

Le Panier, despite being a French bakery and café, serves Caffé Umbria, the Italian style coffee from, Caffé Umbria Coffee Roasters. And as you know by now, I do generally like Caffé Umbria’s coffees. I think Le Panier does a decent job with the espresso and I do go there once in a while.

Sometimes however, I will be hungry for something a little more than just an espresso drink. In such cases what I will do is order a tea to go with my croissant or brioche since I generally do not like to eat sweets with coffee. When I order my tea at Le Panier, I will also ask for a small cup of warm milk on the side which I will mix into my tea after the tea has had some time to seep in the cup of hot water. They do have a large selection of teas by Taylors of Harrogate, and my tea of preference is the English Breakfast Tea.

Due to the popularity of the place, Le Panier is not necessarily a place that I would recommend if you are looking for a place where you can sit down to a long and relaxing coffee and conversation. Not because the goodies are back, not at all, the reason is simply that it would be rude to hog the seating while others are looking for a place to sit. Of course if you go there and the place is not that busy… then hang out by all means…

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