A Tad Bit Uptight at Cafe Pettirosso

Pettirosso, originally uploaded by andai.

Ok. Right off the bat I have to say, of all the cafes, coffee shops and coffeehouses I have been to, just after a couple of visits, this has quickly risen towards the top of my ‘least favorite places to visit’ list.This is sad because it was a place that I actually had high hopes when I first found the place.

Why do I feel this way? The baristas here are simply way too uptight and this reason alone is more than enough to discourage me from coming back. That and the fact that coffee I ordered from there wasn’t that great.

Now the problem here is that normally, if I visit a place and order my espresso drink, and the drink is not that great, I would go back at least a couple more times to see if that is the norm or whether I just happened to be there on a day when the drink I got was out of the ordinary. But in this case, I really do not have any desire to go back there and try another espresso drink… and this is many due to the fact that I do not feel that the baristas there are really welcoming.

And why are these folks so uptight? It just so happens that they seem to get more than nervous when folks some into their cafe and want to take a picture of the place. On two separate occasions I have been ‘politely’ told that I was not to take any pictures while inside the store. The first time when I was getting my latte to go and the second when I happened to be walking by, they had the whole front of the shop open and I thought it would be neat to get a nice picture of the interior.

I didn’t bother to tell them that the picture, had they allowed me to take, would only have appeared on this blog post.

That being said, there are plenty of people who do like the place and maybe if I had simply kept the camera away, they would be a little more welcoming to me. So if you want to check out the place, they are located just a block up from the Caffé Vita flagship store on Pike in Capital Hill. And they actually get their coffee beans from Caffé Vita too.

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