Victrola & Seattle Coffee Works Inspiring Starbucks

15 Ave Coffee & Tea Coffee Cup, originally uploaded by andai.

I have been going to Victrola coffee for a while now and as I have mentioned before, this is one of my favorite coffee shops here in Seattle. Personally I think these folks do a great job with their coffees. I really enjoy passing by every so often to get my espresso fix and once think I would certainly love to see is more coffee shops in Seattle serve Victrola Coffee beans.

I also thought it was rather funny that in addition to Seattle Coffee Works and I don’t know how many other places, that Starbucks sent a squad of observers to go scout out Victrola Coffee just to see what an independent coffee shop looked like and operated. One of the baristas at Victrola challenged 15th Avenue coffee and Tea aka “The Starbucks that’s not a Starbucks” to an espresso smackdown. I would love to see that happen… but I am certainly not holding my breath..

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