LOC.18 Cafe in Thailand

Our guest blogger Michael Wu tends to travel extensively in the Asia region and sent us this brief post from his recent visit to Thailand

Suwat de ka. That’s the proper greeting in Thai. Thailand is known for many things but I was pleasantly surprise to see that coffeehouses and cafes are very much part of the daily culture. And I’m not talking about traditional Thai coffee – all of the cafes you’ll be reading from me are western influenced.

First up is a little cafe run by the Niphanphaisal family, who own and operate the Sathorn Place boutique hotel. Situated just outside of the hotel lobby, it provides easy access and proverbial view of who’s coming in and out of the hotel. Comfortable seating is casually set out – given a very homely feeling. Patrons are sheltered from the heat under shades and open air.

It opens daily from 7AM to 4pm – serving both western and Thai breakfasts and lunch.

Now on with the coffee – menu is limited but enough to cover your basics with a coupe of specialties of their own. LOC.18 coffee is a blended coffee drink with cream and sweet honey. Coffee bean is flavorful – I would describe it’s flavor as mild. Not sure which local brand of coffee they use but will find out before the trip is over.

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