e.t.g in Fremont is Espresso to Go

Whenever I’m in the Fremont neighborhood, I tend to head over to Fremont Coffee Company (FCC) for my latte. I do this for couple of reasons, first, they have great Wi-Fi and second but even more important, they serve Lighthouse Coffee. It is for these reasons that I often driven by e.t.g. Coffee and never really bothered to drop in and try them out, only saying to myself, “one day I will have to get a latte there”. Well, after all these years I finally decided I needed to make that one day today… and so I actually dropped in for a latte and to see what they are all about.

The first thing that struck me about the place was that it is really, really tiny inside. And when I say the place is tiny, I mean its really, really tiny… for a coffee shop. There is one table inside so a couple of people can get really cozy inside, but for the most part, unless you want to sit on the outside chairs, you are likely to be getting your joe to go. Now one thing I didn’t really check was whether they had seating in the back… but I know they don’t. Why? let’s think about this for a moment. The name of this coffeehouse is e.t.g Coffee. I asked the barista what e.t.g. stood for and she told me it’s Espresso To Go. So that makes sense I guess that the owner would expect that most of the customers would be ordering their espresso to go.

The other cool thing about this place is the vintage interior décor. This includes a chandelier, some great mirrors, but best of all, the antiquated cash register that actually still works. When I stepped into the place, I felt like I had been transported to the Moulin Rouge era.

e.t.g . has been around for quite a while now, over 27 years is what I was told. My understanding is that the place was opened in 81 by Laurie and she run the place for about 25 years after which she sold the business to Mark who has been running it for the last two years or so. And he seems to be doing a great job. The coffee I had from there is pretty good I have to say. The barista told me that they actually serve Cafe Vita’s beans, but a custom roast that they do for them called the e.t.g blend.

I guess the only thing about e.t,g. is that I wish they had more seating so that I could have hang out there more often… but then is that was the case, maybe they would have lost a little of their charm… but I think the coffee would still be just as good!

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