Attending the Yellow Church Café

The Yellow Church Café in Ellensburg is a kind of cool looking house (or church) that’s been converted to a cafe. I love that the outside is a bright and sunny yellow color that really makes it stand out. Once inside, you can clearly see from the architecture that this used to be a church. I think its interesting that Gordy and Cat Wollen, who own and run the cafe, are actually both P.K.’s or preacher’s kids. Seems to really fit their background I must say.

The place itself is very family friendly and it seems to be pretty popular with the students from Central Washington University (I believe). The food was good, but I wouldn’t really go raving about their lattes. But then again this is Eastern Washington and whenever I go to cafes in Eastern Washington, I tend more often than not to be at the best unimpressed, at the worst, disappointed. I think with this place it was somewhere in between… And I don’t even remember where their coffee was from…

My visit to this place was a one off visit and I doubt that I’ll be going back. But I have to say the breakfast was pretty good, I just wouldn’t order any espresso drinks …

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