SAM, originally uploaded by andai.

I am tired, really tired…. I am physically and emotionally tired exhausted.

There are times that I feel like maybe I should throw in the towel and just walk away… Walk away from this match and just keep walking… And where do I go? I don’t know… anywhere but here… I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be blessed and be aware that others around the world are suffering… rather than my current situation… wondering, what would it be like if I was in a place where I felt that I would be able to help others, daily… yet I know that this is the sort of thing that makes me afraid and anxious.

Anxious of the future if I was elsewhere but here… It is me, myself and I also known as the panic station at the drop of a pin… this probably more than any other makes me wonder how successful the coming transition is going to be… and what it will mean… this makes me wonder if I need to walk away or stay…

But… as Shakespeare would say, the die is cast!

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