Updated: Maximilien at the Market (with Stella)


In my previous blog posting, Maximilien at the Market I talked about the Mother’s day brunch celebration we had at Maximilien, the French restaurant at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. When I took a look at the menu, I noticed that they offered coffee from both Caffè D’arte and Stella Coffee. These two are actually really good Italian style coffee roasters here in Seattle and so it was a no brainer that I would find myself ordering an espresso right off the bat.

The only problem here though was the waiter. He waiter just did not seem to know much about the coffee they were serving even though is was right there on the menu. The Caffè D’arte was for espresso drinks, while Stella Coffee was the choice for drip coffee. On talking to the waiter, I quickly found he didn’t really know what coffee was being served so he went to the back to ask. He finally came back from the kitchen, triumphant told me that all they served was Caffè D’arte…. none of that Stella Coffee stuff. Well fair enough I thought… even though they had Stella Coffee on the menu, maybe they would issuing new corrected menus sometime soon.

And to be honest, I enjoyed my latte and I was thinking that I would certainly come back anytime for another and another… hoping of course to get a different waiter who could give me a little more background on their coffee.

So imagine my surprise when I received a tweet today afternoon from @maxi_sea. They had read the posting and now they wanted to set the record straight once and for all, in 140 characters or less. Apparently, the waiter got it wrong… they actually serve Stella Coffee and not Caffè D’arte… And in answer to my question posed in the previous posting, the reason why Maximilien choose to server Italian style coffee rather than a French coffee is simply because the Italian style coffee is great. If you ask me, Italian style coffee certainly kicks butt and leaves French style coffee in the dust… but that’s just my opinion…

And I must say that I do like Stella Coffees, having been to their downtown shop on a few occasions, I am glad the barista at Maximilien is doing some great work with the espresso drinks. I also like the fact that Maximilien is open and honest about their food, drinks and mishaps… I would say nice use of twitter to help set the record straight….

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  1. Not in the Seattle area, but great blog on coffee nonetheless. Appreciate the java sentiments. Man, after you get used to Starbucks and get back to .ke you really feel we have some ways to go in terms of what’s offered.

    Great post, wish companies here would track what’s being on Twitter. If only they knew… :/


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