I still remember my first day at school…

Morning…, originally uploaded by andai.

I still remember my first day at school. I was 6 years old…

I remember the school I went to. I remember the school uniform I wore. I remember being dropped off at school. I remember my mom buying me all my school supplies… I remember my chewing my eraser thinking it tasted kind of interesting…. I remember my first assembly. I remember the first hymn we sung at assembly. I remember my first teacher and how she pulled my ears as a form of punishment. I don’t remember what I did though. I remember my friend Oscar from Uganda. I remember my first sports day. I remember taking part in the egg and spoon race. I remember coming in first place and getting a cup. I remember that cup was one of the thing I treasured for years to come. I remember sometimes walking home from school. I remember thinking that is was a little far. I remember going to school on the weekends to watch silent movies. I remember going to Catholic mass. I remember I was not a catholic but I wanted to get confirmed. I remember how big the school cathedral was. I remember transferring schools…

I remember not really knowing why I was going to school or what was expected of me… I remember not developing good study habits. I remember not being as good a student as I could have been…

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