Victoria’s Habit Coffee, A Habit Worth Keeping Part I

Habit, originally uploaded by andai.

Even before I went to Victoria this last time, I kept hearing good things about Habit Coffee. One of the readers commented on a previous Victoria BC blog post I had written and he included a list of coffeehouses that I should have visited. For some reason, Habit Coffee kind of stood out to me and that is one that I made a mental note that I would check it out next time.

Well this time around, I hadn’t properly done my homework beforehand and apparently my memory is not that great because I totally forgot the names of the places to visit, including Habit. I just couldn’t for the life of me remember the list of coffeehouses this person had recommended. And since I deliberately left my laptop at home, with no intention on going online, there was no way I was going to go online to retrieve the list. No worries though, Victoria actually has a lot of coffee shops within walking distance of the main harbor and due to the constraints of not having a car, all of the places I was to visit needed to be within reasonable walking distance from the hotel were I stayed.

Fast forward to this past trip… Saturday afternoon… I was walking past the marina in the inner harbour when I saw these two young ladies sitting on some bench along the wall, enjoying espresso drinks. Now they looked like the sort of ladies you’d see in a place like Victrola, or Fuel or Bauhaus or Stumptown as opposed to those Starbucks types so you I have to stop and ask them where they got their coffee from and what they thought. Surprise (or no surprise) they told me, they get their coffee from Habit, and in their own words, “… Habit serves the best coffee in town…”

What a minute I thought, Habit, Habit Coffee? That was one of the coffee shops that the guy had recommended. What a coincidence, what luck! Maybe I can check this place after all. I asked them where the place was and if I could walk there. “Sure!” they said, Just head on up Government St to Pandora Ave and turn left. But they also told me that since it was a little late, they place was probably closed…. This I think is so like Victoria, where the coffee shops seem to close really early, early being 5:00 or 6:00 PM.

on to part II…

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