Some News…

This weekend I just received some really terrible news. I just found out that a close relative of mine was diagnosed with TB. The sad thing about this is that I was not surprised at all. In fact, I am surprised that this did not happen earlier simply because he has been abusing alcohol and drugs for many years and despite interventions from friends and family, has continued to do so.

It is amazing how alcohol and drug abuse makes someone, for lack of better words to describe them, utterly stupid. For example, Joe (not his real name) has insisted time and time again has stopped drinking and all that, yet will sneak off to go drink, come back reeking of alcohol and yet claim they haven’t touched the stuff in ages. This is one of the many reasons it’s completely pointless arguing with or even simply pointing out these behaviors to alcoholics and druggies.

And to be honest, if this is the only thing he is suffering from, then I will be very thankful.

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