Visiting in Victoria

Submarine Deck, originally uploaded by andai.

This past weekend we were in Victoria BC. It was a pleasant trip for the most part. At the same time I was reminded how dismal the customer service is at the Victoria Clipper. I mean you have a number of people working for the clipper who simply cannot think outside the box and will not lift a finger beyond their stated responsibilities. Without going into specifics, what I can say is that we had a small problem and when we tried to present this problem to the people at the Seattle terminal to help resolve, they were totally helpless, they simply could not even offer any sort of suggestion towards resolving the issue. This incident alone really makes me appreciate even more, good customer service when you encounter it and especially when those helping really go out of their way to find a solution to the issue at hand.

The actual journey to Victoria was uneventful. It was also interesting to note that the TV screens were advertising Tully’s coffee when in-fact the coffee they were serving was actually Appassionato coffee. This to me was another example of the staff’s inability to take any sort of initiative outside their stated responsibilities. The seating was a little cramped but I guess that is the norm on a lot of public transport. We sailed into the Victoria harbor at about 11:00 AM. This was after a 2 and a half hour boat ride.

But I must mention the excellent customer service we experienced at the Empress Hotel. It was absolutely top notch and a big, big contrast to that of the Victoria Clipper.

Saturday was fun and relaxing, but Sunday, even though short, was really a highlight of the trip. This was a trip to the Royal BC Museum. I really liked the Royal BC Museum and even though Victoria is a relatively small city, I think the museum did a marvelous job with the exhibits and I was impressed. In fact the only regret is that I only had two hours to spend at the place rather than 5 hours or a couple of days. They had a great selection of exhibitions including the natural history and the history of the First Nations people. With so much to see and read, I had to hurry through the exhibition so there was a lot I felt that I missed.

I also feel in general that Victoria, though small, does have a lot to offer for the visitor. I don’t know when I’ll be back to visit, maybe this summer, maybe years from now, but visiting in Victoria is always a fun experience for me.

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