Miel & Abbey

My Cats, Miel and Abbey, originally uploaded by andai.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to Miel and Abbey, the two cats have have lived with us for about four years now. Without having to go into details why we have given the cats up, all I can say is that I am sad that we indeed had to give up the cats.

I must say that of all the cats I have ever owned, these two sisters have probably been the most intelligent, gentle and loving cats. And even though they were somewhat scared of people when we first got them, they quickly adopted to their new home and also more open and friendly towards visitors.

And of course there were the times when the cats would vomit or throw-up hairballs on the carpet, track litter into the living room and a couple of times pee in the wrong place (because they were sick), they were great to have around the house. And just about every day when we got home from work, it was also great see Abbey at the door waiting to welcome us home.

Yesterday was really sad because it was obvious that they, and especially Miel, did not want to get into her carrier. She took off running upstairs and I had to go up and cox her out from under the desk. I don’t think I’ll forget that sad, sad look she gave me as her new owner picked up the carrier and went out the front door.

And now the house feels somehow not complete. This is the first time in years that we have not had the two fur balls, if not on the wed, or warming themselves by the space heater, sitting on my lap as I type away on the computer. Yet, I know their new owner is going to give them a bigger place to explore and hang out. They will also have an additional feline companion and a dog who loves cats that they will get to know and bond.

And the new owner has also graciously invited us over to visit with them once the cats have settled in and gotten used to their new home…

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