Fonté Coffee at Chez Dominique

Chez Dominique
Chez Dominique, originally uploaded by andai.

Chez Dominique bills itself as a European style cafe serving European Pastries. Ok, I have to say that is a bit of a stretch… and even though I don’t really want to go into the details about what foods they serve, I will go there every so often to get a sandwich at lunchtime. I will also get their fruit cup and/or freshly squeezed orange juice which is really great. And some no doubt, do not go there because the food is super yet every time I go there, there’s always plenty of people in there ordering food. But who cares about the food anyway, we are here to talk about espresso.

Chez Dominique is the first place where I consciously discovered Fonté Coffee. When I first started going there, it was clear that the coffee they served certainly had its own distinct flavor that I did not recognize, and thus my love for Fonté was born. I am not sure what they serve for their drip coffee, but for their lattes and other espresso drinks they serve Fonté’s Italian (European Style) Blend which I think is actually pretty decent. Since coffee is not the main focus of Chez, I don’t necessarily expect that they will actually serve exceptional espresso drinks. This is not to say that the baristas there are pretty bad when it comes to pulling espresso shots, they do a decent job of it I think but for a more exceptional Fonté experince, I would certainly rather go to Joe Bar which is right opposite the Harvard Exit Theatre up on the North end of Broadway on Capital Hill.

And to be honest, I will certainly be going back to Chez every so often. I really like the owner and her staff who are really nice, friendly and honest. And for me, good service goes a long way in having me come back and support small, local businesses. And I also much, much prefer their coffee to that of Online Coffee, which is more of a coffee shop and has one of its locations just one block up and over from Chez Dominique.

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