Caffè Appassionato by Fisherman’s Terminal

Caffe Appassionato

At least twice a year, I go down to the area by Seattle’s Fisherman’s Terminal to conduct some very necessary business. And every time I’m there, one of the ladies who runs the office will offer me a cup of coffee… which is your ordinary everyday drip coffee with sugar and the powered creamer. And I graciously accept the cup. And every time I drive down there, it just so happens that I drive right by the Caffè Appassionato flagship coffeeshop and roasting plant and I don’t even think to stop by and get my coffee from there instead.

Well, this year I decided that things were going to be different. There was no point in me passing up perfectly good latte in lieu of regular old office drip (no offense H) and so I stopped by the Caffè Appassionato coffee shop right on 21st Avenue West. It was actually a pleasant visit.

At the time I entered the shop, there was only one barista behind the counter serving both those at the counter and those going through the drive-in. She was very apologetic for having made me wait. I placed my order, making sure to indicate that I wanted whole milk in my latte. Once again she apologized for the fact that they didn’t have whole milk which the don’t stock anyway and instead offered to add some half & half in with the 2% to make the result a little creamier. Hmmm…. I don’t know about that…

Caffe Appassionato

Now under normal circumstances, this is where I may politely decline the offer, maybe bitch a bit if the barista was rude about it and leave. But there were two things going against this. The first was that I would rather have anything they made, even if I paid for it, then go and drink the office stuff I knew I was going to be offered (once again, no offense ‘H’). The second and even more important was the fact that the barista’s customer service/customer interaction was excellent and so I decided, “what the heck, why not?” And so I placed my order.

And I’m glad that I did. The latte was pretty decent. Their espresso blend, which I think she told me was the Appassionato Blend, was pretty good I think. Now if only they actually used my favorite brand of milk, i.e Smith Brothers Farms organic whole milk, and if they also had raw sugar, then things would have even been better.

What I find interesting about Appassionato is that if you check out their website, you find that a number of their different blends are marketed both towards espresso and drip coffee, depending on the actual experience you are looking for. So for example their Beethoven’s Blend is marketed as “…great for drip coffee or as a light espresso” while their Caffè Espresso is marketed as making a “…velvety espresso or a bold and tasty drip coffee”. And they have a ‘ton’ of other blends including the Seattle Seahawks Blend. So even though I believe that they do use the Appassionato blend to make espresso, I can’t say that for sure and I will need to go back and talk to them… I have to go back to the Fisherman’s Terminal area this week anyway so I might as well stop by the shop and get another drink.

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