MezzaLuna, Great Coffee in Judkins Park

After reading this article in yesterday’s Seattle Times titled, “Owners of small coffee shops take plunge during recession” I was intrigued by pieces on Soho Coffee and MezzaLuna Bakery & Bistro and made a mental note to check them out.

It turns out that I ended up going to MezzaLuna for brunch early that afternoon, mainly with the aim of getting something for lunch and… of course to try out their coffee. It was a relatively easy place to find, located in the Judkins Park area of Seattle. The three owners, Andre, Kim and Larine were there taking orders, cooking and serving customers. When we sat down to order, the waitress told us that they had been really busy that day, mainly due to the above mentioned newspaper article. Since this is a coffee blog, and I don’t feel like, I will not dwell on the food.. but just in case you are a little concerned, I can tell you that for sure I will be going back to try out a couple more menu items.

So what about the coffee anyway? Well, they do serve the Hairbender medium roast blend done by Stumptown Coffee. They actually did a decent job of my latte and I did enjoy the coffee. I would have liked the latte to have been a little stronger, but then I do drink a lot of coffee so I like mine strong, even if it is a medium roast.

Apparently the three started the place on a shoestring budget and bought/leased this old space that used also used to be a cafe. The inside is a little sparse with the seating spread out so that it give the place a feel of open spacing. There are two rooms for seating, the main and a side room. The side room also has toys and furniture for little kids so that tells me the place is family friendly. This I think makes total sense since they are in a neighbourhood. I think the owners are great, really friendly and are out to make a good impresson.

Oh and I should mention, there was a family of four that were eating there too, and after they had finished, the two young girls, probably early teens, went and order each a hot chocolate to go. Coming back to the table with their order, I heard one of them exclaim really loudly, “this is really good!” I looked up and on checking out her drink, it looked pretty good, with a nice big dollop of whipped cream and some sort of drizzle on top.

I for sure have to make sure that I also try out the hot chocolate also…

Oh and even though I didn’t order them, the pancakes looked really, really good…

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