Of Recession, Starting Indie Coffee Shops… and Coffee Blogging

Looks like the Seattle Times finally realized that Seattle does have coffee shop other than Starbucks. Its about time. I was on twitter this morning and someone posted a link to this the small business article titled, “Owners of small coffee shops take plunge during recession” that I thought was an interesting read. There were three coffee shops mentioned that actually peaked my interest. The first, Tougo Coffee which opened a second shop in the Westlake area… I have been to their shop in the Central District which I like. The second and third were MezzaLuna Bakery & Bistro in the Judkins Park and Soho Coffee which is in the Central District area of Seattle.

After reading this article, I decided that I wanted to checkout MezzaLuna and Soho and see what they really were all about. Early that afternoon we actually stopped by MezzaLuna for brunch. It was interesting to talk to our waitress who told us that they had been really busy because a lot of the folks who came in today had actually read the Seattle times article. I will be posting my thoughts on MezzaLuna shortly.

The other interesting thing I noticed while on the Seattle Times websire was that the times now has a blog called Coffee City that focuses on what else, the ‘coffee scene’ in Seattle… I am not quite sure their exact focus, but it is obviously related to coffee in Seattle.
There are nit that many articles yet, but I foudn a couple to be interesting… for example, their posting on B&O Espresso, and their location issues was rather interesting to read. What also hit me was the post Tougo Coffee which recently burgled especially since they are a small business owner and the place is popular and family friendly.

Anyway I plan in keeping up with the blog… and maybe I should ask Melissa Allison to blog for ‘Grounds…”

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