Murcof, Górecki & Pärt , the Minimalist Connection


These past couple of months I have been listening to Murcof with a vengeance. Now if you don’t know who Murcof is, Murcof is the name under which Fernando Corona records, produces and performs his music under. In my opinion, and this is just my opinion… he is one of the most incredible of the electronica minimalist artists/producers out there today.

And incredible as he is, I find the fact that he is originally from Mexico to be pretty amazing… and the only reason being that I don’t really think of Mexico as being a place where many electronica musicians come from. Regardless, Fernando relocated to and now lives in Spain.

I just got two of his albums, Martes and Remembranza. I must say that these albums are incredible. Although there are a number of tracks that are pretty astounding, if I were to pick just one to talk about, it would probably be the track “Mo” from the Martes album. Heck, even the tracks titles are minimal.

I discovered Murcof via which I think is actually an pretty awesome site, even though it is owned by the man. In addition to Murcof, I also also was able to check out lots of other similar musicians such as Arovane, Deaf Center, Xela, Bola, Monolake, Jules Marsels and many more. Some of the other minimalist musicians I enjoy, but are not actually electronica musicians include Arvo Pärt and Henryck Górecki. Now Arvo Pärt and Henryck Górecki are minimalists but they goes more in the direction of classical music. Górecki and especially Part are some of my top favorite musicians, be it classical or minimalist.

But what is even more interesting to me is that I just discovered that apparently, Murcof does sample some of Arvo Pärt and Henryck Górecki’s recordings and maybe that is why I have really been enjoying Murcof’s music with a vengeance… its the triple threat and also the best of all worlds! Electronica, minimalism and classical… Awesome!

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